Tour Treasurers:

Memory Jewelry

Portrait of Mary Ledyard Forman Seymour wearing memory earrings. Ca. 1815. As seen in the formal dining room at Lorenzo.

What accessory becomes a beautiful gown? A delicate jeweled necklace, a large gemstone ring or a pair of earrings made of hair. Yes, I did say hair. Hairwork or jewelry made of human hair was in fashion most of the 19th century. It disappeared when short skirts and the “bob” became stylish around 1925. The Lorenzo collection includes a pair of earrings containing strands of woven hair under glass domes surrounded with seed pearls set in gold. The earrings are displayed in the formal dining room under the portrait of Mary Seymour, mother of Helen Clarissa Seymour Lincklaen, where she is shown wearing the earrings.


FOL Annual Meeting:

Tuesday, March 18

6 p.m. at Lincklaen House

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